We have developed a system which differentiates SELSA within our sector and which makes this difference to evolve into a quality culture that could be transferred to the forthcoming generations. 

We have started to implement the SELSA Production System in 2010. The SPS is a system in which we have developed our own value oriented ’lean production’ standards in all processes from production to management, and wherein we have implemented the lean means by adapting them to our company culture. Our priority is to extend the error free and quality effects of the SELSA Production System to all our processes in reaching to an operational perfection, to help increase the social wealth through the productivity performance we would achieve and to attain an ’efficacy’ which would encompass all our employees, customers, suppliers as well as the whole society through our unique system.

Within this approach, all correspondence in the SELSA Production System is being constructed on understanding each other and establishing mutual trust.


We aim to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate, which is the Information Security Management System by 2022.

Corporate information is in the category of "maximum protection" at SELSA. Corporate information is the most valuable asset of a company. All employees of SELSA know that protecting corporate information as highly sensitive is the most critical responsibility in this business in terms of maintaining our business.


It is of paramount importance to us to minimize the risks of "breach of confidentiality", "integrity damage", "abuse-based use", “accessibility” and "availability" and their effects.


  • Identifying risks to information assets and managing risks systematically,
  • Fulfilling the requirements of information security standards,
  • Complying simultaneously with the legislation related to information security,
  • Utilizing opportunities for improvement in the active implementation of the Information Security Policy at SELSA,
  • Carrying out trainings to improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase information security awareness are among our priorities.


The purpose and meaning of our information security practices is to ensure that Selsa’s information stay in the authorized hands, to protect its completeness, to maintain its correct and usable status under all conditions, and to have the information and systems ready for use at any time necessary. 

Employees, exogeneous personnel, interns and sub-industry personnel of SELSA are all responsible for doing their jobs in a manner to ensure that information is protected within SELSA regardless of their position or duties. Third party service providers and support personnel attached to them in any position outside these classifications and who need access to SELSA information accept and sign the obligations to the general principles of this policy and other security obligations they have to comply with. Our employees are also obliged to comply with the requirements regarding the protection of the confidential information set out in the "SELSA Personnel Regulation Rules" and SELSA Code of Business Ethics.

In order to protect the reputation, credibility, information assets of SELSA and to maintain its core and supporting business activities with the minimum possible disruption, each SELSA employee is primarily responsible for contributing to the set goals.



  • Ensuring the full continuity of information systems.
  • Maximizing the awareness, consciousness and compliance with the security requirements of our employees.
  • Establishing full compliance with the contracts enacted with third parties.
  • Minimizing information security violation and turning any possible negativity into an opportunity to learn.
  • Organizing production, access and storage of information in compliance with the law.
  • Implementing the most recent and effective technical security controls.